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WrapMatic 240 Shrink Wrapping Machine - Liberty Packaging Systems

Liberty Packaging Systems

Liberty Packaging Systems is a UK’s leading independent supplier of shrink wrapping and packaging equipment, offering a wide range of solutions from top industry manufacturers at competitive prices. We specialise in providing polythene and wrapping systems and can offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

Our Address

Unit 21 Mead Park Industrial Estate
River Way
CM20 2SE

Tel: 01992 460 111
Email: info@libertypackagingsystems.co.uk


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Product Specification

Whether your requirement is to shrink wrap food, electronic goods, small furniture parts, toys, exam papers or other products, the WrapMatic 240 packaging machine is an ideal cost-effective solution to shrink wrapping and polythene wrapping requirements.

The fully automatic WrapMatic 240 shrink wrap machine is a completely innovative automatic wrapping machine. A unique feature is that it doesn’t require compressed air and works only with electrical power supply. The benefit of this includes reduced maintenance requirements and noise levels as well as improved speed, productivity and sealing precision.

The L-sealing system provides an all round centre seal and is fitted with an adjustable centre sealing device. It can wrap up to 3,600 pieces per hour and also includes front and rear opening for easy access and servicing. The packaging machine can pack single or multiple items and is also available in a full stainless steel version. Any product up to 240mm in height, 600mm in length and 400mm width can be wrapped – including heat sensitive items such as chocolate.

Poly film up to a thickness of 80 microns can be used to seal the packs. A range of film types can be used on the packaging system including biodegradable plastic wrap, coloured film and very thin clear film. All our film is recyclable.

The system is available with or without an optional shrink tunnel. This means if you don’t require your products to be tightly wrapped but would like them secured in clear tamper-proof plastic, the WrapMatic can be purchased as a stand-alone packaging machine.

Key Features:

  • No compressed air requirement – As the system is completely electrical powered, sealing movement and pressure are both controlled using servo motors, providing superior precision.
  • Schneider operation control and brushless servo motor – These parts are available globally so service and maintenance costs are kept down.
  • Colour touchscreen display – Positioned within easy operational reach and on a 180 degree rotating arm, the screen includes storage for 250 programs and displays in 10-languages
  • Integrated USB port – Download data and programs
  • Energy saving device – The system can run in energy saving mode when left unattended for a period of time that the user has specified.
  • Belt speed adjustable by inverter
  • Complete automatic check at the start-up
  • 2 product-reading photocells
  • Visible and acoustic alarm signal
  • Integrated and movable film roll support
  • In-feed and out-feed electronic port to interface additional in-feed and outfeed belts
  • Machine on wheels with adjustable feet
  • Full waste film winder alarm device
  • Micro-puncher kit with adjustable tensioning film
  • In-feed and out-feed belts in keeping with the most important food regulations currently in force (FDA)
  • Anti-static in-feed and outfeed belts
  • Ability to add a shrink tunnel p



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