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Product Specification:

Part of the new series of professional chamber vacuum packaging machines, the VC 41XP vacuum sealer comes with an option to print labels for each item being sealed, useful for expiry dates and tracking.

  • Check-Up Function displays error messages without the need to open the machine.
  • Product type selection per main category (meat, fish, cheese, vegetables…).
  • Select correct inert gas (e.g. FOOD1-2-3) needed, to set up (from a sub-menu) the gas percentage of the mixture (ex.: O2= 10% N=70% CO2=20%) and to transfer the set up data onto the label. In the presence of external gas mixers, this gas set up function assures excellent results.
  • Select sub-categories (e.g. meat: veal, beef, poultry, pork…) for each product main categories.
  • Automatic packaging cycle activation with suggested or default values after the selection of subcategories; if needed, on this mode, one can program a product expiration date.
  • EASY PULSE function; simple programming – can select pre-set stored functions with pre-set parameters.
  • Programmable printing option to print the vacuum certification label and to choose the number of copies to stick on every single package obtained during each cycle.
  • Electronic SOFT AIR with several speed levels, for the gradual return of the air in the chamber which avoids any sudden package collapse (ideal for products with rough-edged parts).
  • CP-CONDITIONING PROGRAM function to start the pump; it allows for the liquid-oil emulsions elimination which may deposit in the pump tank. It is recommended after long periods of a machine’s inactivity.
  • EXTERNAL VACUUM option to create the vacuum inside a container which is located outside the machine but connected with it through a tube that goes to the machine’s chamber.
  • Vacuum process possible by setting the timer, eliminating the need to read the vacuum sensor.
  • Error message or indication of mechanical failure and displays the nearest assistance centre telephone number and / or e-mail address.
  • CE/ETL/NSF certified.


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